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Why we should choose vape pens over cigarettes

Why we should choose vape pens over cigarettesCigarette is one of the most harmful and addictive legal drug available widely in all countries. 40 million people are smokers only in America. Cigarette smoking causes damage to internal organs of our body. According to a global survey, 4.9 million people die every year only because of smoking. Cigarette smoking makes all the smokers addicted to nicotine that is why it becomes hard to quit.

But in 2009 there was 10% decrease in sales of cigarettes. That change of smoking habit wasn’t only because of increased taxes of addictive drugs; electronic cigarettes (E-cigarette/ Vape pens) also have given great contribution. Sales of smokeless tobacco products have grown to about $3 billion in previous years, and still growing.

Why E-Cigarettes: E-cigarettes were first developed in China, introduced in 2007 in the US market and being occupied by other countries as well.

· The basic difference between cigarette and e-cigarette is that the smoke of the cigarette harms us but in case vape pens, it doesn’t create smoke it is just vapor of a liquid, which doesn’t cause any damage to your organs but gives you equal satisfaction as cigarettes.

· If you use e-cigarettes then you’ll never have to carry any matches or lighter because e-cigarettes are powered by lithium batteries which heats up the liquid and creates vapor that is inhaled by smokers.

· Cigarettes emit various toxic gases, which are very harmful for our eyes and highly responsible for air pollution as well. But the vapor of e-cigarettes doesn’t have any toxics or any green house gases.

Guide: There are many types of vape pens are available out there in the market. Common types of e-cigarettes are rechargeable electronic cigarettes (full starter kit with cartridges), disposable electronic cigarettes (commonly found in retail stores and gas stations), personal vaporizer (the strongest and biggest e-cigarette), E-go e-cigarettes (customizable and powerful e-cigarettes), electronic cigars (tastes like an original cigar) and herbal vaporizer (if you want to vaporize herbs).

“HALO” is known as the innovator of e-cigarette and considered as the best electronic cigarette brand. “V2 CIGS”, “GREEN SMOKE”, “APPOLO”, “EVERSMOKE”, “BLU CIGS”, “REVOLVER E-CIGS”, “VICTORY E-CIGS”, “SMOKETIP” and “BULL SMOKE” are reviewed as top e-cigarette brands of 2014.